The Constitution of the Linguistic Society of Hong Kong

(Revised in accordance with amendments approved at the 2003 AGM)
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(修訂本,經2003年會員大會通過 )
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The name of the organization shall be “The Linguistic Society of Hong Kong” and is hereinafter referred to as “the Society” or abbreviated as LSHK.


本會定名為“香港語言學學會” (The Linguistic Society of Hong Kong), 以下稱為“本會”(英文簡稱為LSHK)。


The correspondence address of the Society shall be: GPO Box 9772, Hong Kong.




The Society’s official website shall be



General Aims

LSHK is a non-profit academic body registered as a charitable organization with the Hong Kong Government, pursuing the following aims:

  1. To promote linguistics teaching and research in Hong Kong.
  2. To help foster greater exchange and interaction between linguistic scholarship in and outside China.
  3. To encourage and facilitate the exchange of ideas and dissemination of information among local linguists on recent research developments in linguistics.
  4. To secure and develop contacts with other linguistic organizations and institutes with similar aims and interests in language.
  5. To sponsor conferences and other academic activities consonant with the above aims.
  6. To provide advice and relevant services with regard to training, policy planning and evaluation in language and linguistics for public and private organizations.
  7. To promote publications which are in line with the above aims.



  1. 促進香港地區語言學的教研工作。
  2. 協助推動中國語言學界與國外語言學界的交流。
  3. 鼓勵及協助本港語言學者就語言學研究近期發展交換心得及加強有關資訊的傳播。
  4. 與其他語言學組織及對語言學有興趣或有相似目的的機構建立及發展聯繫。
  5. 舉辦有關的會議及其他學術活動。
  6. 為公私機構就語言及語言學的訓練、政策籌劃、評估等提供建議及有關服務。
  7. 促進與上述目標相符刊物的出版。

Official Languages

The official languages of the Society shall be Cantonese, Putonghua/Mandarin, and English. The working languages of the Society shall normally be Cantonese in the spoken medium and Modern Standard Chinese or English in the written medium.




Membership shall consist of the following types:

  1. Honorary Fellows

The Society may, upon nomination by the Executive Committee and subsequent approval by a general meeting, invite individuals who have made outstanding contributions to the development of linguistics in Hong Kong to be Honorary Fellows of the Society.

  1. Life members

Individuals who (a) abide by the constitution of the Society and who (b) either hold higher degrees in linguistics and language studies or have research publications in linguistics or related language studies can become life members of the Society, subject to applications approved by the Executive Committee on the basis of these criteria which may be laid down from time to time.

  1. Regular members

Individuals who (a) abide by the constitution of the Society and who (b) either hold higher degrees in linguistics and language studies or have research publications in linguistics or related language studies can become regular members of the Society, subject to applications approved by the Executive Committee on the basis of these criteria which may be laid down from time to time.

  1. Affiliate members

Individuals who abide by the constitution of the Society can become affiliate members of the Society, subject to approval by the Executive Committee.

  1. Student members:

Full-time students of tertiary institutions who abide by the constitution of the Society may become student members of the Society, subject to approval by the Executive Committee.



  1. 榮譽會士


  1. 終身會員


  1. 基本會員

凡(a)遵守本會會章,及(b)具有語言學或語言研究高級學 位,或於語言學或語言有關方面有研究論著者,均可申請,經本會理事會審核通過,加入本會為基本會員。

  1. 普通會員

凡遵守本會會章的人士,均可申請,經本會理事會審核通過, 加入本會為普通會員。

  1. 學生會員

凡遵守本會會章的專上學院全日制學生,均可申請,經本會理 事會通過,加入本會為學生會員。

Membership Rights and Obligations

  1. All members shall be informed of and can participate in the activities organized by the Society.
  2. Only life members and regular members shall have the right to vote and stand for election at General Meetings of the Society. They shall hereinafter be referred to collectively as ‘voting members’.
  3. Voting members can vote by proxy at a General Meeting.
  4. All members of the Society, with the exception of Honorary Fellows and Life Members, are required to pay an annual membership fee.


  1. 任何會員均有獲通知及參加本會各項活動的權利。
  2. 惟有終身會員和基本會員才可以在會員大會中擁有投票權及選舉權。 終身會員和基本會員以下統稱為「投票會員」。
  3. 投票會員可以委派代理人在會員大會中投票。
  4. 所有會員,除榮譽會士及終身會員外,有繳交本會年費的義務。

Deactivation of Membership

  1. Members who fail to pay their membership fees by 30 September in a given year shall automatically be deactivated. Deactivated members shall cease to enjoy membership rights.
  1. Deactivated members can reactivate membership by paying the membership fee for the current year.


  1. 凡於每年九月三十日前還沒有繳交會費的會員,會藉將會暫時失效。會藉暫時失效的會員,不得享受會員權利。
  2. 會藉暫時失效 的會員在繳交當年的會費以後得以恢復會藉。

Suspension/Cessation of Membership

  1. Any member who acts to the detriment of the interests and reputation of the Society may have his/her membership suspended by the Executive Committee. In such cases, whether membership will be discontinued shall be decided by resolution at a General Meeting.
  2. Suspension of membership shall entail suspension of all membership rights.


  1. 凡言行有損本會名譽或利益的會員,理事會可以凍結他的會藉,是否終止會籍則須交由會員大會議決。
  2. 受凍結會藉的會員,其權利即受凍結。

Membership Fees

The membership fees for a particular calendar year are due on or before January 1 of that year. As of 1996, regular members are required to pay an annual membership fee of HK$300; life members are required to pay a one-off membership fee 10 times the amount of regular members’ fee at the time; affiliate members are required to pay an annual membership fee of HK$150, and student members are required to pay an annual membership fee of HK$75. The Executive Committee may effect revisions to the schedule of membership fees, so long as the revision does not represent more than a 50% increase on the current rate. Any revision which exceeds this limit shall be put to the General Meeting for approval. Fees paid to the Society may not be refunded.




  • 終身會員:當年基本會員會費的十倍,一次繳付。
  • 基本會員:港幣300元
  • 普通會員:港幣150元
  • 學生會員:港幣 75元



  1. The Executive Committee of the Society shall consist of seven members, six of whom are elected once every two years by simple majority vote of the voting members present at the Annual General Meeting of the Society. The seventh member shall be the outgoing President.
  2. An eighth member may be elected to the committee at the discretion of the General Meeting.
  3. The principal officers of the Society shall be:
    • President
    • Vice-President
    • Secretary
    • Treasurer
    • Newsletter Editor
    • Communications Co-ordinator
  4. drawn from the Executive Committee, and such other officers as the Executive Committee deems fit.
  5. Except for the founding office-bearers, the President and Vice-President shall have served on the Executive Committee for at least one year. In the event that this condition cannot be fulfilled, alternate conditions may be set by the outgoing Executive Committee on an ad-hoc basis, to be approved by a Special General Meeting.
  6. The term of office of the principal office-bearers shall be two years, and an individual may serve in the same post for a maximum of two consecutive terms. The term of office of the Executive Committee shall normally expire on December 31st of the second year of its term. The newly elected Executive Committee shall take office immediately following the expiration of the term of the outgoing Executive Committee.
  7. Upon expiry of his/her term of office, the incumbent President shall remain as a member of the Executive Committee of the Society for the following term.
  8. In the event that the office of President becomes vacant, the Vice-President shall succeed for the remainder of the term, and a new Vice-President shall be elected by the Executive Committee from amongst its members for the remainder of the term. Any other vacancies amongst the officers shall be filled by election amongst the Executive Committee members. In the event that two or more vacancies occur in the Executive Committee, a Special General Meeting shall be called by the Executive Committee within six weeks of such occurrence.
  9. The quorum for a meeting of the Executive Committee shall be two-thirds the number of Executive Committee members.


  1. 學會理事會設理事七人,其中六人每兩年改選一次,由出席會員大會的投票會員選出,以票多者當選。第七位理事由上屆會長擔任。
  2. 會員大會也可選出第八位理事。
  3. 本會主要理事包括會長、副會長、秘書、司庫、會訊編輯、通訊主任六人,由理事會選出。理事會也可根據需要增設其他主要理事職位。
  4. 除首屆理事外,會長、副會長需曾任本會理事一年,如當選理事成員均不能適合此條件,可由卸任的理事會酌情處理,惟須經特別會員大會通過。
  5. 理事會主要理事任期均為兩年,同一職位任期最高為兩屆。理事會任期通常於任期內第二年的十二月三十一日屆滿。新當選的理事會須於卸任理事會任期屆滿時立即接任。
  6. 現任會長任期屆滿,留任為下屆理事。
  7. 如會長一職出缺,由副會長遞補,副會長或其他主要理事出缺由理事會互選遞補。如理事會有兩個或以上的空缺,理事會得於六週內召開特別會員大會進行補選。
  8. 理事會會議法定人數為理事總數三分之二。


  1. A General Meeting shall be held each fiscal year.
  2. Special General Meetings may be convened (a) by the Executive Committee or (b) upon request by at least one-fifth of the voting members.
  3. At least two weeks’ notice shall be given to members for a General Meeting.
  4. The quorum for the General Meeting shall be at least one-fourth of those voting members with a local mailing address. In the event that a quorum is not reached, the meeting shall be adjourned and reconvened after a period of 2-6 weeks.
  5. The passage of resolutions at a General Meeting shall require over fifty percent of the votes of the voting members or of their proxies present at the meeting.
  6. The Executive Committee shall arrange the General Meetings of the Society.
  7. At General Meetings, the President, if present, shall preside. In the absence of the President, a member of the Executive Committee shall be elected Acting Chairperson for the Meeting.
  8. At all meetings of the Society, the chairperson of the meeting may not vote unless there is a tie in the voting.


  1. 會員大會需於每個財政年度舉行一次。
  2. 特別會員大會得由理事會或經達投票會員中五分之一的會員要求召開。
  3. 召開會員大會需於兩週前發出通知。
  4. 會員大會法定人數為郵遞地址在本港的投票會員總數的四分之一。如出席會員大會的人數少於法定人數,大會需要休會,並於二至六星期內再次召開。
  5. 會員大會決議須經出席的投票會員中半數以上的會員贊成(包括書面或委託代表投票者)方可通過。
  6. 會員大會由理事會安排召開。
  7. 會員大會的當然主席為會長,如會長缺席,可推選理事一人為代主席。
  8. 任何會議,如非遇正反雙方票數相等時,主席不可投票。


  1. The Society shall be financed by funds from membership fees and other sources.
  2. The capital and income of the Society shall be used solely to support the general aims of the Society.
  3. The Society’s funds shall be deposited in an account in the name of the Society at a bank designated by the Executive Committee. Withdrawal of funds shall require any two out of the following four signatories: the President, the Vice-President, the Treasurer and the Secretary.
  4. The liability of the Society shall be distributed equally amongst its officers and voting members. Any outstanding debt shall be borne equally by all members of the Executive Committee.


  1. 本會經費由會員年費及其他來源支付。
  2. 本會資金及收益只限於支付與本會宗旨相符的各項活動。
  3. 本會現金須存於以本會名義開設的本港銀行戶口內,由會長、副會長、秘書、司庫的中的任何二位聯同簽名方可提取。
  4. 本會財政如出現赤字,會員責任只限於所繳付的年費,其餘債項由當屆理事承擔 。

Amendments to the Constitution

The constitution of the Society may be amended upon voting by over fifty percent of the voting members of the Society with a local address.




The Society may be dissolved if over fifty percent of the voting members vote for such dissolution. Upon dissolution of the Society, any surplus assets remaining after satisfaction of all debts and liabilities shall not be paid to or distributed among the members but shall be given or transferred to charitable educational institutions.