Jyutping Work Group 粵拼工作小組

The Jyutping Word List Work Group in the past years have compiled a LSHK Jyutping Word List (香港語言學學會粵拼詞表). The ~15,000 words in the list come from various sources, including:

Members of the Jyutping Word List Work Group:

  • Kwan-hin CHEUNG (Convenor)
  • Andy Chi-on CHIN
  • Peter Lung-shan CHUNG
  • Cream Yin-ping LEE
  • Caesar Suen LUN
  • Vicky MAN
  • Sze-wing TANG

A new work group was formed in 2018 to handle matters related to the maintenance and promotion of Jyutping. The group aims to ensure that the romanization system is up-to-date and reflects the present-day Cantonese phonology, for the purpose of both linguistic reserch and the learning and teaching of Cantonese, and to encourage the use of Jyutping in classroom and by the general public.

The group suggested to add two rimes, namely "a" and "oet" to the Jyutping Romanization Scheme and this update was appproved at the AGM 2018 of LSHK.

Some other efforts of the group include:

  • co-organizing the Jyutping competition with the Department of Linguistics and Translation, CityU
  • maintaining the OCGIO wordlist
  • supporting the development of the rime-Cantonese module