Jyut-jyu-si (Cantonese Test) Work Group 粵語試工作小組

The Jyut-jyu-si (粵語試) Work Group has been working on the development of Cantonese assessment open to the general public since 2015. A read-aloud test has been prepared and another comprehensive test for Cantonese assessment is under development.

Cantonese Read-Aloud Test (CRAT)

The Cantonese Read-Aloud Test 粵音朗讀測試 (CRAT) is designed, for fluent users of Cantonese (native or non-native) who can read Han characters, to assess their ability to read-aloud characters, words and passages using Cantonese pronunciation as used in Hong Kong. The test is held twice a year.

Cantonese Proficiency Test

The ultimate goal of the work group is to develop a comprehensive test for Cantonese assessment. This proposed test will be developed under CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference for Language).

Members of the Jyut-jyu-si Work Group:

  • Kwan-hin CHEUNG
  • Bun-ching CHOW
  • Peter Lung-shan CHUNG
  • Sik Lee DENNIG
  • Mei-ying KI
  • Yik-po LAI
  • Vienna Hoi-yung LAM
  • Chaak-ming LAU (Convenor)
  • Cindy Wan-yee LAU
  • Samuel LO
  • Caesar Suen LUN
  • Raymond PAI
  • Hugo Wing-yu TAM
  • Raymond Ka-wai TSE
  • Edward Leung-tsun YU
  • Roy Shing YU
粵語試工作小組 (Jyut-jyu-si Cantonese Test Work Group)